How Can You Help Your Candidates Become More Employable?

A good recruiter should not neglect low-performing candidates that did not make it. Instead, to foster an advancing community, recruiters should support job seekers.

Everyone has room for improvements. Instead of providing auto-generated rejection emails, seek to help them develop a CV that is impressive and ways to overcome job seeking barriers. If you are looking to find more top-performing talents, utilize Jobstreet’s job portal today.

CV Format Pointers

Provided that you have sufficient experience in the recruiting scene, you will be able to effectively note whether a CV is passable or whether it is impressive. Most struggle with formatting their CVs, not personalizing information based on individual job postings.

As a recruiter, you can provide feedback on their CV. Moreover, you can attach a sample CV for them to picture those from top-performing candidates visually. Help them to highlight their achievements. Some things are worth putting on your CV; some could be redundant.

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Find Quantifiable Achievements

Not all achievements are worth noting, especially on their CVs. Most recruiters tend to only look at achievements that fit the company culture and job scope. They should add accomplishments that make them more employable and tailoring it to the roles of their potential jobs.

Ensure that they can practice what they preach. Most people treat their CVs like a notepad. Just scrambling unorganized information into one sheet. The truth is, organization and structure are crucial.

Boost their Confidence

Your candidates probably feel let down as they did not make it through your selections. Boost their confidence before the client interview to make them feel their best.

Most candidates are insecure and prevent boosting their skills. They aren’t aware of their strengths. Allow them to identify their strengths and give them some key pointers to proceed.

Give them honest feedback

People thrive in honesty. After every interview, you should be providing feedback to the candidates letting them know their strengths and weaknesses. You should be reiterating professionally. Allow them to question your comments and spark conversations with them.


Foster a healthy community by allowing your candidates to grow with you. To seek for top performing talents, make use of Jobstreet’s talent search via