Put Your Smart Consumer Hat On: Who’s The Best Network Provider?

The internet of things has been the driving force of today’s economy. Now, the development of telecoms made the entire world a practically more compact place, and smartphones, on the other hand, is pretty much with us nearly 100% of the time. In this particular situation, you will need a reliable network provider who is able to deliver close to your needs. However, the question for you is, who may be an excellent provider you are able to depend on?

Does the Color Yellow Mean Anything to You?

In this space, the company that’s been symbolic of the color yellow, Digi, really excels. Since their inception in 1995, Digi is a huge brand which is well-known to push the boundaries and constantly innovates its offerings, whether it is an internet-based plan or simply the usual mobile phone subscription package.

Digi’s Mobile Prepaid

If you’re searching around to get yourself a mobile prepaid plan, it is strongly advised that you just try Digi out. Since there’s no commitment, why not give their prepaid plan a shot and experience high-speed mobile data with 4G LTE network, plus 1000 minutes value of free call time to Six of your Buddyz.

Digi’s Mobile Postpaid

One other option for the users is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing every postpaid plan in Malaysia, you’ll be able to determine that Digi provides the cheapest plan you can get, from RM50 for people looking for the smallest monthly commitment, and only RM250 for the family postpaid plan for as many as 5 users.

Fancy a New Smartphone to Buy?

However, the perfect plan can only be better enjoyed if you possess an impressive smartphone to select. With Digi, you should also select to buy smartphones which include the iPhone 8 for a bargain price. You can even select the Easy Payment Plan that matches your plan for absolutely no deposit, however, this is dependent upon your eligibility.

Oppo R9s, Samsung S8 & So Much More!

But Digi does not only offer Apple phones in the store. You possibly can go with a lot of different products coming from other brands too, for example, Samsung Galaxy S8, Vivo V7, or even just Oppo R9s, that each comes with an awesome rebate price. Believe us, you simply won’t have this variety of deal somewhere else in the market.

Oppo R9s Malaysia

Check out Digi’s website here for more information: http://new.digi.com.my/smartphone/OPPO-r9s

Broadband Internet

If you are seeking a mobile source of data but hate to use up your cell phone as a tethering device, get yourself a internet broadband. Now, Digi provides the best broadband plan you can acquire in Malaysia most abundant in data for the minimum charge. If you don’t prefer to get tied up, select the prepaid broadband plan.

Roaming & IDD

This doesn’t end there. As many people have also the requirement to contact some other people overseas for personal & commercial purposes, they can save probably the most with Digi as this company provides free international calling or IDD depending on the plan. For travelers, they will certainly take pleasure in the inexpensive roaming.

Remember to be a Smart Consumer

Finally, a wise consumer is fully aware comprehend what works well with them. That being said, Digi will never be becoming popular over Maxis and Celcom if not for the exceptional deals they’ve for the consumers. Hopefully that this time, we are able to convince yourself to consider Digi as the preferred network provider.