What is iPhone XR’s True Tone display?

True Tone first made its debut on the iPad Pro in 2016. Apple explained that it uses four-channel sensors to adjust the white balance of the display dynamically to match the light around for a more accurate and natural viewing experience. Since then, following devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR have the True Tone technology.

But how does True Tone work? And should you use it?

What’s the technology behind True Tone?

Apple’s True Tone is the improved version of Night Shift, a feature that has been around since iOS 9.3. Night Shift adjusts the colour the display colours according to the time and geolocation. If it’s close to bedtime, it reduces the exposure to blue light, which keeps you awake as it stimulates your brain.

True Tone is similar to Night Shift as it also adjusts the white balance to match the colour temperature of the light around you. However, it works throughout the day and adjusts itself depending on your environment automatically. It’s like a smarter version of Night Shift, to put it simply.

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Is True Tone always on?

True Tone is on by default, but you can choose to enable or disable it. To switch it off or on, go to Settings and you can find the option under Display and Brightness.

Why should you use True Tone?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use True Tone. It helps reduce eye strain, especially since we’re staring at screens all day.

Not only does True Tone makes using the device easier on your eyes, but it also means that your screen is more readable in direct sunlight.

If you’re a designer or work in the creative field, True Tone also ensures that the displayed colours remain accurate and consistent in your work, especially if you’re doing a print job later.


Unless you have experienced True Tone yourself, it’s difficult to explain its effects on your eyes. It may not be a revolutionary feature, but it definitely makes your iPhone experience better.

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