The psoriasis skin care routine you need

If you are one of the few million people in the world that have psoriasis, we’re pretty sure you’ve figured out what works best for your skin. However, if a professional dermatologist has just diagnosed you with the autoimmune disease, you’re probably still unfamiliar with the ways to manage psoriasis.

If you’re new to this, look no further. Here’s a standard psoriasis treatment guide for psoriasis patients:

Resist the temptation to scratch

We know it’s hard to control yourself, but scratching slows the healing process, lengthening your suffering. Rubbing or scratching also exacerbates psoriasis.

It’s also common sense not to pick or scrape off your psoriasis scales. Forcefully removing them can cause bleeding and infection.

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Take warm showers and baths

Soak yourself with warm -not hot!- water when you clean yourself. Hot water can irritate and dry your skin, making it more prone to flare-ups.

If you’re taking a bath, you can also add sea salt, oatmeal or bath oils to moisturise your skin further.

There’s never too much lotion

If you ever think you’re over moisturising your skin, the answer is no; you’re not. As a psoriasis patient, you don’t want to take the risk by not hydrating your skin.

Over-the-counter emollient lotions or gels are fine to use for your skin. It doesn’t matter what kind of cream you choose, as long as it does its job, it’s alright.

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Protect your skin under the sun

Phototherapy is a type of psoriasis treatment, but it only works in a controlled environment. Standing under the blazing sun without sunscreen is a huge no-no if you’re a psoriasis patient.

A generous amount of broad-spectrum sunscreen should be enough to prevent irritation and damage to your skin. Applying sunscreen also decreases the risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.

Use cleansers meant for psoriasis

Having psoriasis means taking extra care for your skin, and that means using the proper skin products.

There are different types of soaps such as tar soaps and exfoliating soaps that are known to treat psoriasis. You may also need to change your body washing products to psoriasis-friendly ones.


Unfortunately, managing psoriasis is a lifetime commitment. You can still live a meaningful life if you know how to take care of your skin. Having psoriasis shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

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